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17. 05. 2014


Dear ANEM friends,

The situation in Serbia is much more difficult than can be seen now. The real test of solidarity and humanity will come after the flood waters recede.

As always in emergency situations, we have the opportunity to engage our own network of media outlets and transmit information to each other from all over Serbia. You have the opportunity for on-the-ground reports from all over Serbia, wherever we have our members stations, journalists can report live in your program with the latest information from the field.

For this reason, the owners, editors, and newsroom editors should send us contact information for their best and most responsible people so we can make a database and share it with all stations.

At times like this, there are only two types of listeners and viewers. Those who need help and those who can provide help. Choose who you want to work for - for the entertainment industry, or for those who are facing the worst situation in past 120 years. Join each other and work together.

This situation will last, because when the flood waters recede, when the victims are counted, when the damage is assessed, when connecting people with missing family members begins, and when the humanitarian actions begin, then our readiness for this kind of programming should stand out.

Frankly, in the next few days or weeks I do not see the need for entertainment content, the situation being as it is. Prepare your generators and stock fuel, in case of electricity blackouts. If we ever needed to work together - now is the time.

Put your frequencies into a special mode, and join the rescue effort by advising / informing citizens and emergency services on developments in the field. Appeal that panic should be avoided. A large amount of information that you broadcast through your media will be important to listeners, rescue and information services, and to services providing and organizing aid to those in need. Keep in mind that now there are more of those who can help, than those who need help. Fortunately, for you and for them. Only by joint forces we can do something worthwhile.

Also, invite listeners, viewers, and all out-of-job journalists and presenters, if they cannot shovel dirt into flood barriers, they can come to their favorite radio or TV station and volunteer, or help you by spreading the word on social networks. It is time that everyone does what they knows best.

I ask my ANEM friends to archive what local and regional stations did in past days. Every true story will be an important and welcome. Let us see who excelled and who embarrassed themselves, once this is over.

To have our solidarity and professionalism shine in full, our national broadcasters ( RTV B92 and TV Prva) will most likely contact you, and following areas will be targeted for direct field reports: Jagodina, Svilajnac, Kosjerić / Bijeljina, Šabac , Sremska Mitrovica , Krupanj , Paraćin, Kraljevo, Gornji Milanovac, Varvarian and Ćićevac, Ćuprija.

I am personally, with other members of the Managing Board and the Secretariat, at your disposal for every type of cooperation and assistance.


Milorad Tadić,
ANEM President


ANEM, in addition to the call to members for cooperation and solidarity, produced five jingles to be broadcast on its network of radio and TV stations across Serbia. Jingles contain information about how and who to contact and are intended for vulnerable groups and for those who want to provide aid.

Jingles can be heard here:

ANEM appeal Red Cross
ANEM appeal the Red Cross 1
ANEM appeal 1003
ANEM appeal 112
ANEM appeal TV spot

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