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12. 03. 2012

Free production for ANEM stations

At the beginning of this year, ANEM, in cooperation with various partners, provided an opportunity for its TV stations to broadcast free-of-change two documentaries and the sequel of TV series Ekonnews.

The first documentary film, titled "To be honest", was produced by the association CRTA for the project Instinomer. The film outlines Serbia one decade after the October 5 changes. By comparing the current situation with the socio-political climate in the country during the nineties, the authors are trying to give an answers to following questions: how far has Serbia reached in building a democratic society and economic environment; how do key state institutions operate and whether our country is ready to overcome all obstacles in its transition towards a developed society. The following 16 ANEM stations broadcast this film: RTV Caribrod (Dimitrovgrad), RTV Pancevo (Pancevo), TV Smederevo (Smederevo), TV Leskovac (Leskovac), RTV OK Kovacica (Kovacica), TV Spektar (Sombor), RTV YU Eco ( Subotica), TV Kladovo (Kladovo), TV Nezavisna 017 (Vranje), RTV Sumadija (Arandjelovac), Timocka TV and radio (Zajecar), RTV Prima (Bajina Basta), TV Cacak (Cacak), TV Pozega (Pozega), TV Panonija (Novi Sad) and B92 Info (Belgrade).

The second documentary, short film titled "Artists' look at the past", directed by Dino Mustafic, arranged and produced by RECOM. It involved well-known artists from the whole territory of former Yugoslavia, who shared their private thoughts, memories and hopes for the future. The film presents the following artist: actor Branko Cvejic, actress Anita Mancic, poet Radmila Lazic, Croatian actress Mira Furlan, Alma Prica and Nina Violic, Slovenian musician and front man of "Lacni Franz" Zoran Predin, champion of the Macedonian National Theatre Nikola Ristanovski, Macedonian writer and actor Meto Jovanovski, Bosnian producer Nenad Dizdarevic, Montenegrin actor and professor at Faculty of Drama Arts in Cetinje Branimir Popovic, one of the leading intellectuals of Kosovo, philosopher Shkelzen Maliqi, dramatist Jeton Neziraj from Kosovo, actor Enver Petrovci from Kosovo, Slovenian actor Jernej Sugman and Montenegrin producer Branko Baletic. Duration of the documentary is 28 minutes. This film was broadcast on 16 ANEM stations: RTV Mlava (Petrovac on Mlava), RTV Caribrod (Dimitrovgrad), RTV Pancevo (Pancevo), TV Smederevo (Smederevo), TV Leskovac (Leskovac), VK Kikinda (Kikinda), RTV OK (Kovacica), TV Spektar (Sombor), RTV Trstenik (Trstenik), RTV Yu Eco (Subotica), TV Kladovo (Kladovo), TV Nezavisna 017 (Vranje), RTV Sumadija (Arandjelovac), RTV Prima (Bjelovar), TV Santos (Zrenjanin) and TV Cacak (Cacak).

The continuation of TV series Ekonnews, prepared and produced by KCMedia, consists of 4 thematic programs of 25 minutes in duration. The main topic of this new series is energy. Each episode has five or six TV programs. Programs are diverse, mostly in the form of reportage, made with a number of interlocutors and at different locations. The first episode contains TV programs on heat pumps for heating, energy-efficient solutions for large buildings, smart buildings, wind power, bio-fuels and isolation. The second episode addresses the following topics: energy saving light bulbs, hybrid cars, pupils and students' projects in energy efficiency, production of biodiesel from waste cooking oil, solar panels. TV programs in the third episode are dealing with the research of citizens' views about alternative energy sources, natural gas as energy, biomass, heat pipes and how to save heat energy, cars on electric power. The last, fourth episode contains the most interesting segments of the previous episodes. 14 ANEM stations broadcast this series: RTV YU Eco (Subotica), RTV Mlava (Petrovac on Mlava), RTV Caribrod (Dimitrovgrad), RTV Pancevo (Pancevo), TV Leskovac (Leskovac), VK Kikinda (Kikinda), RTV OK (Kovacica), TV Spektar (Sombor), RTV Sumadija (Arandjelovac), RTV Prima (Bajina Basta), TV Cacak (Cacak), TV Panonija (Novi Sad) and NTV 017 (Vranje), TV Kladovo (Kladovo).

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