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28. 06. 2011


Starting from the end of June 2011, the series of documentary episodes "Welcome to Europe" has been broadcast on 23 ANEM local and regional TV stations. The series, produced by the production company DTV Production and consisted of 8 documentary episodes in duration of 30 minutes, treats the topics related to the higher education system in Serbia and in EU member countries.

In these dynamic programs, a high-school graduate Fedor, is travelling to eight European cities (Maribor, Graz, Utrecht, Bologna, Valencia, Thessaloniki, Timisoara and Ghent) where he is investigating various aspects of studying, together with his hosts, Serbian students who study in these cities. They discuss topics like the Bologna process, student mobility, private or public faculties etc. After his return to Serbia, analysis and comparison of studying in Serbia and Europe was made, through interviews with our students as well as the experts and people dealing with higher education.

ANEM has provided its member-stations with the possibility to broadcast this quality and educational series free-of-charge. ANEM TV stations that broadcast the documentary series "Welcome to Europe" are: RTV VK from Kikinda; RTV Caribrod from Dimitrovgrad; TV 017 from Vranje; TV Leskovac from Leskovac; RTV Prima from Bajina Basta; RTV Krusevac from Krusevac; TV Niska from Nis; TV Spektar from Sombor; TV Plus from Valjevo; TV Smederevo from Smederevo; RTK from Kragujevac; RTV OK from Kovačica; RTV Pancevo from Pancevo; RTV Trstenik from Trstenik;  TV Cacak from Cacak; RTV YU Eco from Subotica; RTV Sokobanja from Soko Banja; RTV Mlava from Petrovac na Mlavi, RTV Pannon from Subotica; Timocka televizija i radio from Zajecar; TV Alfa from Uzice; Novosadska televizija from Novi Sad i B92 Info from Beograd.

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