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01. 07. 2007


ANEM and A-MEDIA have re-launched radio project „Better Serbia". Project is funded by European Union through Media Fund - programme for support to professional media development in Serbia - managed by the European Agency for Reconstruction and technically implemented by Press Now .

„Better Serbia" is a series of three-minute radio features presenting good practices and positive examples of individuals and institutions that directly contribute to the development and improvement of certain aspects of life in Serbia and thus enhance the life quality of the citizens. The project "Better Serbia" will present and point to good practices and positive examples of individuals and institutions who have contributed to encouragement of positive values in Serbia. Providing that the transition to a modern democratic society in this country is rather slow, in stagnation or even regress, this project aims to promote those positive examples that nevertheless exist in many environments in Serbia, but which have not been given necessary media attention. Thus, it will contribute to encouragement of positive trends in Serbia and strengthen the role of media in this important process.

Journalists will treat the topics from four wider aspects of importance for the citizens of Serbia :

  1. Municipal Administration and Public Offices in Service of Citizens
  2. Education and Employment
  3. Health and Social Support Services for Citizens, and
  4. Police and Judiciary in Service of Citizens.

The goal is to include local media in supporting and encouraging those positive values. The project specifically aims to inspire journalists and media, through the principles of investigative journalism and by respecting high professional qualities and creativity, to search for sometimes less obvious positive examples in these areas and present them to local and wide public. It will also support programme development of local stations by providing quality investigative features on important topics.

Project lasts 12 months , starting on July 2, 2007. 22 features will be produced each month (from 20 to 23 features, depending on the number of working days in given month).

The implementation team consists of an editor ( Belgrade ), 10 journalists - correspondents from Belgrade and 8 more cities in Serbia , and a sound technician ( Belgrade ). Features are collected and then produced, finally processed and edited in Belgrade.

Features are in form of radio packages, with approximately 15 seconds long introduction and sign-off and the theme background music. Total duration of features is between three and three and a half minutes.

Stations will broadcast one feature per day, every working day of the month, in prime-time slots, for example, after the main news program or in other news programmes with solid ratings, depending on the programme schedule of each particular station involved in the project:

ANEM members:

  1. RTV Bajina Basta Bajina Basta
  2. RTV Globus Kraljevo
  3. RTV Kragujevac Kragujevac
  4. RTV Kraljevo Kraljevo
  5. RTV M+ Mladenovac
  6. RTV Pancevo Pancevo
  7. RTV Pozega Pozega
  8. RTV Sokobanja Sokobanja
  9. RTV Spektar Sombor
  10. RTV Trstenik Trstenik
  11. Radio Bemin Musical 93 Arilje
  12. Radio 021 Novi Sad
  13. Radio Boom 93 Požarevac
  14. Radio Cacak Cacak
  15. Radio City Nis
  16. Radio EM Knjazevac
  17. Radio Ema Bujanovac
  18. Radio Far Alibunar
  19. Radio Kontakt Plus Kosovska Mitrovica
  20. Radio Luna Uzice
  21. Radio OK Vranje
  22. Radio Ozon Cacak
  23. Radio Patak Valjevo
  24. Radio Petica Nis
  25. Radio Pirot Pirot
  26. Radio Skala Sabac
  27. Radio Sombor Sombor
  28. Radio Staff Leskovac
  29. Radio Subotica Subotica
  30. Radio Uzice Uzice
  31. Radio X Grocka

ANEM affiliates:

  1. RTV Krusevac Krusevac
  2. RTV Kovacica Kovacica,
  3. RTV Mag Obrenovac
  4. RTV Mlava Petrovac na Mlavi
  5. RTV Majdanpek Majdanpek
  6. Radio Bus Kovin
  7. Radio Ivanjica Ivanjica
  8. Radio M Novi Pazar
  9. Radio NB Becej
  10. Radio Nisava Nis
  11. Radio Roda Sabac
  12. Radio OM Loznica
  13. Radio Točak Valjevo

EU Image
EU Image

Project is realised due to financial support of European Union. Programme content is solely the responsibility of ANEM and it does not represent views of the European Union.

To receive information about other programmes in Serbia funded by the European Union, as well as detailed information on accession of Serbia to the European Union, please visit the website of the European Agency for Reconstruction (www.ear.europa.eu/)

Download more about the project:

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