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15. 04. 2012


Continuing the successful cooperation with "Integrations NOW!", ANEM enabled its journalists free participation in training courses organized by this organization as part of its education program for media professionals supported by the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade. In 2011, representatives of ANEM stations participated in the Advanced Media Management workshop for media management executives, and two three-day seminars organized in 2012 in Belgrade and Nis for journalists that cover political topics and elections.

Advanced Media Management workshop was organized in the Grand Hotel in Kopaonik, from 10th to 12th November 2011. The training program intended for media managers was aimed at developing a successful advertising and sales strategy of media companies, with special emphasis on the presentation of American business practices in the media in order to reach new audiences, increase market share and expand activities in digital, mobile and traditional platforms. The workshop was led by an American expert Michelle Foster. Visiting lecturer was Zoran Sekulic, representative of the media sector in the working group for the development of the Media Strategy, with presentation on the topic: Media Strategy and challenges of the reform of media legislation. Representatives from the following ANEM stations participated in this workshop: TV Cacak, RTV Krusevac, RTK Kragujevac, Radio 021 (Novi Sad).

During 2012, "Integrations NOW!" organized two two-day seminars for journalists covering political issues and elections, from 4th to 6th April in Belgrade and from 9th to 11th April in Nis. Expert from prestigious U.S. news agency The Associated Press, Slobodan Lekic, who has extensive experience in the field of journalism, gave a presentation on the following topics: Political reporting and coverage of elections in "transitional democracies" (Balkans, Asia, Russia. ..); the electoral process in the EU and the U.S.; How U.S. journalists cover political campaigns and elections; the relations of politicians and the press in the EU and the U.S.; Access to information in the institutions in the EU and the U.S. (State Department, White House, Congress, the Pentagon); Political processes and elections in the Balkans and Serbia in the eyes of foreign reporters; Basics of quality political interview. Among a total of 24 participants of the two seminars, there were seven representatives of ANEM stations: TV Panonija from Novi Sad, Novosadska televizija from Novi Sad, RTK from Kragujevac, Radio Srbobran from Srbobran, Radio Em from Knjazevac, Radio City from Nis and Kontakt Plus Radio from Kosovska Mitrovica. They all were given the opportunity to gain useful knowledge in the field of political reporting, which they could apply in their reporting, especially during the current election campaign.

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