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27. 12. 2011

ANEM contribution to the 17th issue of the Magazine “Challenges of the European Integrations”

The latest issue of the Magazine "Challenges of the European Integrations" treats the topic - "The media and European integrations" as a response to recent adoption of the Media Strategy. At the initiative of the Official Gazette, the publisher of this magazine, ANEM took a part in creating this issue, with the intention to use this opportunity to draw attention of the media, expert public and all interested parties again to important media issues and the way of solving them in the Media Strategy, as this document had to provide for a framework for genuine media reforms in Serbia in line with European regulations and standards in this area. This 17th issue of the magazine contains 8 texts, out of which, 6 were academic articles of topics and by authors proposed by ANEM and whose creation was coordinated by ANEM. These are:

  • 1. State and Strategy of Media Development: the future has not yet begun - author Snjezana Milivojevic, PhD
  • 2. Media Strategy - closer to or further from the public broadcasting service - author Rade Veljanovski, PhD
  • 3. Media Strategy, transparency of media ownership, media concentration and control of state aid - author Slobodan Kremenjak, attorney at law
  • 4. Regulatory framework for implementing the digitalization of the media in Serbia - author Jelena Surculija, MA
  • 5. State withdrawal from media ownership and regional public service broadcasting - author Kruna Savovic, attorney at law
  • 6. National minorities in the Serbian media future - author Zuzana Serences, journalist

The articles deal with the recently adopted Media Strategy and its solutions related to specific media issues, analyzing and comparing them with European regulations and standards. The article of the professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences, Snjezana Milivojevic, PhD, analyzed the Strategy as a document illustrating the willingness of regulating the media situation, faced with challenges of the technological revolution and the process of EU integration. The paper of Rade Veljanovski, PhD and professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences, is dealing with the Media Strategy solutions on the issues of functioning and development of existing public broadcasting services, pointing to apparent shortcomings of these solutions. Slobodan Kremenjak, attorney at law, analyzed the solutions of the Media Strategy referring to the transparency of media ownership, media concentration, providing non-discriminatory conditions for fair competition in the media industry and its sustainable development, as well as implementation of rules relating to state aid control in the media sector in Serbia. Jelena Surculija, MA, from the Faculty of Political Sciences, is analyzing the Media Strategy solutions related to the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting and economic aspects of digitalization. Kruna Savovic, attorney at law, is dealing with the solutions of the Strategy on the state withdrawal from ownership in media, forming of regional public service broadcasting, by analyzing the extent to which the Strategy defined the goals in the media sphere for the following period, if it had provided for a sufficiently clear base of the future legal framework in the field of media law and whether the provided solutions would enable accomplishment of media freedoms, right to freedom of expression, namely if the existing European standards would be followed in this field. In her article, journalist Zuzana Serences deals with minority rights in the field of information and the extent to which the exercise of these rights has been provided for in the Media Strategy solutions.

Brief summaries of these articles can be found at the end of this text.

This is yet another ANEM's endeavor of advocating for fundamental changes in the media sector, particularly in the field of media regulation and media policy, which should contribute to the creation of favorable conditions and environment for the functioning and development of the media.

The latest, 17th issue of the magazine "Challenges of European Integrations" (publisher - Public company Official Gazette, supported by  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, GIZ Legal aid office) will be presented at the press conference on Wednesday, December 28, at 11 a.m. in the Gallery of the Official Gazette in Belgrade. Besides ANEM President Sasa Mirkovic, two authors of articles proposed by the ANEM - Prof. Rade Veljanovski and attorney at law Slobodan Kremenjak - will also attend the press conference to present their texts.

Brief summaries of these articles can be found here (available only in Serbian)

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